I build creative, value-based partnerships and deliver innovative solutions that set the health & wellness industry standard.

Accelerate innovation. Reduce risks.  Supercharge execution.


This is me

As a hands-on Innovation Strategist & Consultant, I partner with health & wellness companies to bring a customer-oriented perspective to their operations, for sustained growth. 

For over a decade, my experience working with leading brands such as Gym & Fitness, Australian Fitness Supplies, Force USA & many other brands, as well as being a start-up co-founder (Activ performance eyewear, managed until exit) has positioned me well to lead innovative transformation & execution for organizations.

My approach is simple: together we will drive value throughout your innovation life cycle — from sketches on a napkin (ideation) to end-user delivery — setting you up for a successful market share. 

Let's grow your business fast with lean methods and effective cross-functional collaboration. I work with hands-on leaders to help them build their teams and drive change without getting sidetracked by operational details, meetings, and politics. Together we will tackle all challenges as an integrated team—so you can deliver against your high-level goals.

Ready to chart a new path for your organisation? Let’s team up!

Product Sourcing We'll research the best manufacturers around the globe for you, depending

I provide health & wellness companies with the relevant knowledge and tools to reduce risks and increase profits by shifting innovation, sourcing, and implementation processes.

My Process
The health and wellness industry puts customer wellbeing at the centre of its operations. The process of creating value should focus on understanding and validating customers' preferences and needs.
Since no two businesses are the same, working with me is never a linear process. With my expertise across the board, I'll help you drive full-cycle changes in your innovation, sourcing, and implementation processes. 
In my role, I work top-down, collaborating with executives across business touchpoints to accomplish transformative results.
Also, I work bottom-up, performing detailed market research, and studying your business plan and current policies, encompassing people, products, and delivery.
Transformative innovation will begin from the inside out: 

-Ideation Stage
Idea generation is a process of examining and clarifying the opportunities available in your industry. It requires the synthesis of market analysis and technology trends with consumer needs to develop new, innovative ideas for your organisation.
-Validation Stage
The validation stage is the most crucial stage in any product management process. In this stage, I will gauge public response to the idea by putting it through real-world testing. I will seek expert feedback and observe customer behaviour as they engage with the product to find out whether or not there's a market fit.

-Feasibility Stage
Once we have validated your product and confirmed that there is demand for it in the market, we will work with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective ways to bring it to life. We do this through a variety of methods, including financial modelling, market research to figure out pricing and distribution strategies, sourcing suppliers/manufacturers and providing advice on production and supply chain management.

-R&D and Export Marketing Development Grants Co-Ordination
In most cases, companies lack the time, resources, or knowledge to record all the necessary documentation to make a strong claim when it comes to R&D and EMDG grants. Let me simplify this process for you and help you decide what's right for your company, I will create and implement a strategy to make sure you are compliant and will get the best outcome possible.

The importance of product development planning is growing ever more essential, especially with increasing competition. With a proven process for implementing product development plans, this will be vital for the success of your organisation. If you want to create a long-lasting plan that helps you develop products and services, then I will work on integrating these processes and procedures to create a product development plan process for your business to use going forward.


Your impressive new product is the result of a great deal of hard work. The final testimony to its success will be the client experience, and the recognition your brand receives for years to come.

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